Adrian Brizuela

“ (Adrian’s) individual initiative was on a highest level. Always present in class and ready to work with great anticipation. He is great listener and a deep thinker. He was able to translate range in all aspects or topics that discussed and was ready to investigate further. As a scene partner Adrian is giving and patient. He was imaginative in his presentations and was always reaching for more. Great Work !” - Mirjana Jokovic
“ Adrian committed fully to all exercises. He is dedicated to the work and is a positive force in the room.” - Tina Kronis 

“Adrian is a hard working and dynamic actor. He plunges wholeheartedly into whatever exercise or assignment he is given.” Marissa Chibas 

“Adrian has done excellent voice work. His work has presence, patience, and an openness to himself and others. He has a natural self-connection, and joy in his voice work. “ - Fran Bennett