Adrian Brizuela

Reviews (626) 755-1079 Height: 5’7 Weight: 180 lb Eye color: Light Brown

Film     _____________________________________________________        

“Boys on the Block”                                                                               (Lead)                                                                        Dir. Ian Srpoul 

“Ya No Puedo Mas”                                                                               Music Video                                                              Dir. Adrian Brizuela

“Los Angeles Califas”                                                                             Music Video                                                              Dir. Rodrigo Trejo


Theater     __________________________________________________

Street Car Named Desire                                                                       Blanch (Lead)                                                             Dir James Franco & Deborah LaVine

Uncle Vanya                                                                                           Astrov (Lead)                                                              Dir. Mirjuana Jokovic

The Three Penny Opera                                                                         Crooked Finger Jake (Lead)                                       Dir.  Cameron Steele        

Julius Caesar                                                                                         Mark Antony (Lead)                                                    Dir. Mary Lou Rosato

                     Hamlet                                                                                                    Ophelia (Lead)                                                            Dir. Blake Williams  

                     Peter Pan                                                                                                Captain Hook (Lead)                                                  Dir. Blake Williams

                     The Crucible                                                                                           John Proctor (Lead)                                                    Dir. Blake Williams


Commercial   _______________________________________________

Specs upon request*

Education     _________________________________________________

                   Current Training :                                                                             Acting/Audition Techniques                                                Brian Reese

  Past Training:                                                                                    Auditioin Techniques                                                          Nicole Arbusto

                                                                                                             Scene Study                                                                       Mirjuana Jokovic

                                                                                                             Shakespeare                                                                       Mary Lou Rosato

                                                                                                             Roy Heart Voice                                                                  Raphael Lopez-Barrantes

                                                                                                             Link Later Voice                                                                   Fran Bennet

California Institue of the Arts

    BFA Acting

Special Skills ________________________

Bilingual: English and Spanish

Dialects: Mexican, Vietnamese, Southern, English, Cockney English.

Dance: Salsa, Tango

Special Skills:  Yoga, Tai Chi, Weight Lifting         

Sports: Football, Soccer, Swimming and Shot-Put.

Production: Video Shooting and Editing Final Cut Pro. Back Stage Work

Other Skills: Comedic timing, Improvisational skills, Voice Over, Handsome Personality and some guitar..

Affiliations    _________________________________________________

CalArts Alum ’15 • BMI songwriter ’09 • International Thespian Society ’09 • San Marino Chamber Singer ’08-’11 • Titian News Team’09-’10 •

Comedy Sportz ’09-‘11